There is something special about being excited to learn something new with a community of warm, welcoming people. Whether you need to sharpen a skill, explore a passion, or try something entirely new, Thrive workshops are an investment in yourself!

Workshops combine a social aspect with learning about topics that others are interested in as well. They can also be challenging and promote growth. Often times a series is offered to give people the chance to cover a larger topic in smaller intervals. We cover a wide range of topics and. Thrive workshops are ongoing.

Upcoming Workshops

HOLIDAY GIFT CHOICE…Date Night Yoga Gift Certificates! - Discover a new way to connect with your partner… Can couple’s yoga make a difference in your relationship? Experts say yes, not only does attending a yoga class together enhance your relationship but couple’s yoga requires trust, communication, and your undivided attention. … Read More »
New Year’s Eve Yoga and Meditation with Jenn - Before the parties, the champagne and the ball dropping, join us for this very special practice. New Year’s Eve-Monday, December 31st, 7-9 pm Remember, with gratitude, the past year’s challenges and joys-both have made you stronger! Join us as we … Read More »
Happy Healthy New Year Cleanse Program 2019 - Was 2018 a year of growth and transformation?  When it comes to health, think about what true health means to you. From a holistic perspective, true health does not only include exercise and a balanced diet. True health means living … Read More »
Living Meditation with Kim Gebro, M.Ed.- Jan. 12, 2019 - Meditation and Mindful Movement Practices for Skillfully Navigating Life’s Challenges & Creating the Way You Want to Feel Learn how to skillfully identify the story lines of your life that are causing you pain and inhibiting you from being able … Read More »