Information for New Members

We love making new friends! Thank you for choosing Thrive to be part of your overall wellness plans. Our goal is to help you discover the many ways you can live a full and healthy life. At Thrive, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, warm and fun environment for everyone to explore their own individual path to wellness. We firmly believe that we can help you discover how to not only live, but THRIVE!

Most of our clients arrive 10 minutes before their schedules classes. Pre-registration for classes is encouraged so we can save your spot for you, but don’t worry if you haven’t signed up in advance. You can check in when you get here using our iPad located at the front desk. You are also welcome to register for future classes or make a purchase.


from all your smart devices (phones, watches, etc.) We have cubbies in each studio. Give yourself permission to tune out (so you can tune in) during your class time.


on your breathing, your alignment, keeping your body safe and following the instructors modifications whenever it’s right for you. Stay in the moment. The shopping list can wait.

Ditch the Shoes

Leave your street shoes in a cubby downstairs or upstairs in the foyer. Whether you’re walking to get water or walking into class, if you have your shoes on you’re a little too overdressed. Sticky socks are optional. Indoor only shoes are fine for cardio/fitness classes. Purses/wallets should come into the studios with you-we have cubbies for those!


Bring a water bottle – we like to be responsible and refill when possible. (We’ve got the refills covered) Forgot it? No worries. We have bottled water as well.

We suggest arriving 5 – 10 minutes early to your first class or session if you’ve created your account and pre-registered online. If you need assistance or have questions, please allow extra time so we can get you started!

What to Wear

Exercise or workout apparel is appropriate to wear to class or your individual session. Most yoga classes are barefoot, so you will not be needing shoes. If you like to wear “grippy socks” you’re more than welcome to bring your own pair. Indoor sneakers are encouraged for cardio, strength and fitness classes.

What to Bring

Yourself! …and a water bottle and yoga mat if you have one. Everything else is provided here at Thrive. Mats (if you need one) and any other props for all classes are ready for you to use. There is a filtered water machine in the kitchen if you need a refill. Teas/coffee are available after class if you’d like to hang out with us after class.

Sign In

Sign in is done through our Sign in sheet and iPad located at the front desk. If you forget to do it – don’t fret – we will be sure to sign you in.

Do I have a place to change?

Come straight from work or roll out of bed – either way we have two bathrooms (sorry, no showers) that are free for you to use.