Yoga and Meditation – Nov 24, 2018

Loving your yoga class, but sad that’s it’s not quite long enough? Wanting more time to explore poses? Wishing meditation and relaxation would last a little longer? Our 2 hour yoga and meditation classes are going to be just perfect! Open to all levels- from beginners to seasoned yogis-these extended sessions will allow for more time to deepen your practice.… Read More »

Hint: Perfect Gift-Date Night Yoga

Discover a new way to connect with your partner… Can couple’s yoga make a difference in your relationship? Experts say yes, not only does attending a yoga class together enhance your relationship but couple’s yoga requires trust, communication, and your undivided attention. When you do couple’s yoga with your partner, you have to remain focused on them.… Read More »

Living Meditation with Kim Gebro, M.Ed.- Jan. 12, 2019

Meditation and Mindful Movement Practices for Skillfully Navigating Life’s Challenges & Creating the Way You Want to Feel Learn how to skillfully identify the story lines of your life that are causing you pain and inhibiting you from being able to flow with the changing circumstances of your mind, body, and environment. Begin to transform… Read More »