Pilates is a method of intelligent exercise that works to strengthen and stabilize the joints and the spine.

Bad back? Pilates will help to strengthen the abdominals which support the spine. We’ll also strengthen the muscles that move the spine – within your body’s limitations.

Recovering from an injury? Pilates is the perfect next step during recovery or after completing physical therapy. We work to promote healthy, safe, range of motion in the joints by strengthening the muscles that surround the joints, allowing them to function optimally while staying safe.

Inflexible? Pilates will help to develop appropriate flexibility.

Just starting out? With pilates, we educate the mind and teach the body how to move safely and effectively. We work to unlearn some of those bad habits that can cause injury (hunched shoulders, slouched back…). The patterns we learn in pilates will keep us safe whether we’re working out or carrying the groceries. Each movement is modifiable for all fitness levels.

Are you an athlete? Pilates improves performance by strengthening the core and optimizing movement patterns.

Pilates can support you on your health and wellness journey. Whatever that journey looks like, wherever you are right now.